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What is IVC?
Cardiff IVC is a social, sports and leisure club. The aim of the club is to provide members with an active and varied social life. It's not just about meeting people who share your interests but also about meeting people who can encourage you to try new things.

Cardiff IVC is a non profit-making organisation, run by members for members. We are one of 47 such clubs around Britain, all affiliated to a national association, the AIVC, which is independent of all other organisations and is not linked with any political or religious bodies. Membership of a local IVC group such as ours provides opportunities to meet and socialise with the other groups within the AIVC. There are joint events between nearby clubs, such as our own and Bristol & Bath.

Over the course of the year, Cardiff IVC events range from evenings in the pub to holidays abroad, taking in a broad spectrum of sporting, social, musical, theatrical, artistic, literary and gastronomic experiences along the way. If you've ever fancied go-karting, pony-trekking, skiing, climbing, ballooning and many other things besides, then Cardiff IVC is the place to come. Likewise, if your idea of a good time is something rather more relaxing, there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy yourself whilst doing nothing more taxing than raising a glass or using a knife and fork in good company.

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